Panda Cloud Office Protection

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Panda Cloud Office Protection is cloud-based antivirus and endpoint protection that helps you forget security headaches – complexity, overhead, and threats.

It’s ideal for small and medium-sized organizations with:

  • Limited Budgets / Small IT Teams
    • Reduced IT Costs: Eliminate antivirus servers, databases, appliances, VPNs, and other software for managing endpoint protection.
    • Reduced Travel Time and Costs: Eliminate travel to remote office locations to deploy antivirus servers or endpoint protection for employees. Using a web-based management console, you can remotely install and manage endpoint protection.
  • Remote Offices / Distributed users
    • Remote Web-based Management: Deploy and manage endpoint protection remotely via a web browser. Find the status of protection for distributed users, such as remote employees, road warriors, traveling executives, students, as soon as they connect to the Internet.
    • Continuous Updates and Transparent Upgrades: Benefit from continuous and automatic security signature and protection engine updates that protect against the latest threats without requiring users to connect to the corporate network.
  • No Patience for Slowdowns
    • Eliminate system slowdowns due to security software – Panda Cloud Office Protection transfers most of the processor-intensive activities to the cloud and minimizes the memory footprint on the endpoint.
  • A Need for Stronger Security

    • Maximized Protection: Maximize protection for files, emails, HTTP/FTP, downloads, and instant messaging against known, unknown, and hidden threats (virus, worms, Trojans, spyware, adware, rootkits, phishing) by combining security from the cloud with traditional endpoint protection.
    • Continuous Security Updates: Updates security engine, types of protection technologies and signatures continuously and transparently to ensure protection against the latest and most dangerous threats.
    • Collective Intelligence: Panda Collective Intelligence is a second-generation community-driven cloud security service used by tens of millions of endpoints worldwide. It combines white-listing, black-listing, heuristics, and file reputation to automatically collect and classify binary files to significantly improve protection.

License: 30-day free trial
Language: English
OS: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

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Download Panda Cloud Office Protection (external link)

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