AVG Free Antivirus for Android

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Mobile security for your photos, messages, & memories

Android Anti-virus

Effective mobile security utilized by millions

Ours was the very first anti-virus application on the internet Play™ to interrupt 100 million downloads, and it is used right now to secure mobile phones and tablets around the world.

Once installed, it runs quietly to safeguard you against the most recent infections, adware and spyware, spy ware, unsafe apps and settings, undesirable callers, along with other nasty threats.

Anti-Thievery Phone Tracker

Dropped it? Remotely find & lock it.

Just visit our Anti-Thievery website from another device to discover and track your lost mobile phone or tablet on the internet Maps®. You may also remotely lock it and blast a security at full volume.

On top of that, if you feel your mobile is finished permanently, you are able to remotely wipe it to avoid your personal information from falling in to the wrong hands.

PRO features are incorporated free for thirty days, and could be bought anytime by having an in-application purchase.

Application Lock

Lock lower your privacy having a PIN code

Prevent others from snooping in your private photos, messages, and documents by locking all of your apps having a unique PIN code. Application Lock may also offer to lock potentially sensitive apps (e.g., Facebook®, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.) whenever you set them up.

Camera Trap

See who has got your phone or tablet

Now you know if the annoying brother-or master crook-tries snooping in your mobile phone or tablet. When anybody fails 3 occasions to unlock your device, Camera Trap will require a secret photo of these after which email that photo for you using the some time and location from the incident.

Device Lock

Auto-locks your mobile when the SIM is replaced
After stealing a mobile phone, a crook will often take away the Sim. However with Device Lock protecting your phone, if anybody replaces the Sim, your phone will lock itself to avoid them from making calls and being able to access your personal information.

Application Backup

Support any application for your Sdcard

Additionally to mobile security, AVG Anti-virus includes Application Backup that will help you support your apps for your Sdcard which means you never get caught without your preferred games and utilities.

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GooglePlay (Android)

Official site: http://www.avg.com/us-en/antivirus-for-android

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