Avast Security for Mac

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Avast Security for Mac is Avast’s security solution for Macs. This antivirus protects against all types of malware, malicious websites and vulnerable Wi-Fi networks. Its premium version also allows you to unmask intruders on your Wi-Fi network and stop ransomware attacks.

Features of the free version


  • Real-time protection
    Runs silently in the background to block threats when they appear.
  • Complete malware detection
    Stops Windows and Mac threats from sharing infected files with friends who use PCs.
  • Complete Mac scan
    Run an in-depth scan of your entire Mac to remove hidden malware.
  • Removable drive scan
    Scan all external drives (CD, DVD, USB, etc.) connected to your Mac.
  • User-defined check
    Select specific folders or files to perform specific scans faster.
  • Scheduled scan
    Schedule scans for when you are sleeping or away from your Mac.
  • Security Reports
    Stay informed thanks to the personalized security reports you will get every 30 days.
  • Real-time security updates
    Receive security updates and new features automatically

Email Protection

Even trusted websites can be hacked and cybercriminals can easily send you spoofing emails posing as your friends or your bank. Avast Security alerts you to unsafe websites, blocks unsafe downloads, stops dangerous email attachments and prevents invasive tracking of websites.

  • Web Shield
    Blocks dangerous downloads and prevents malicious websites from bringing malware to your Mac.
  • Email Shield
    It prevents you from sending and receiving malicious email attachments.
  • Online security
    It alerts you to unsafe websites, blocks invasive ad tracking, and safely redirects you to the right websites if you make a mistake when typing in an address. (feature available as an optional browser extension).

Wi-Fi Protection

Avast Security scans your entire network and all connected devices for vulnerabilities to help stop hackers from stealing your personal data.

Premium features

  • Anti-Ransomware Protection
    Avast Premium Security, protects your photos and files from ransomware attacks to ensure that your most personal memories cannot be encrypted or altered without your permission.
  • Alerts for intruders on Wi-Fi
    With Avast Premium Security, you will receive alerts when someone enters your Wi-Fi network. This way you can keep hackers away and prevent your neighbors from slowing down your connection with their unwanted video transmissions.

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Download Avast Security for Mac (external link)

Official site: https://www.avast.com/en-us/free-mac-security

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