360 Total Security

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360 Total Security offers an unified solution for PC security and utility. It is one of the most complete and effective free antivirus programs available. It protects your PC against the majority of threats online.

The secret of the efficacy of 360 Total Security is that it uses five five antivirus engines, including 360 Cloud Engine, CVMII, Avira, and Bitdefender. Scanning your PC for threats is quick, and it removes in real time any threat found.

360 Total Security also includes an optional browser extension which will notify you if any pages you visit are potentially malicious. This seems like overkill to us, as most browsers today will warn you if a site is not secure or dangerous.

360 Total Security is easy to use, with a clear interface that’s simple to navigate. It explains what every feature does, and it’s easy to configure. If you’re looking for an antivirus solution that’s not intrusive and lets you get on with whatever you’re doing, 360 Total Security is a good choice.

Main features

  • Antivirus & Anti-malware
  • Multiple Engines Protection
    -360 Cloud Scan Engine
    -360 System Repair Engine
    -360 QVMII AI Engine
    -Avira Engine
    -Bitdefender Engine
  • Sandbox
  • Secure online shopping
  • Privacy Protection
    -Webcam Protection
    -Keylogger Blocking
  • Internet Protection
    -Downloaded File Scan
    -Online Shopping Protection
    -Malicious Website Blocking
  • System Protection
    -USB Drive Protection
    -Network Threat Blocking
    -Malicious Behavior Blocking
    -File System Protection
    -Registry Protection
    -Scan File When Saved
    -Scan File When Opened
    -Use Bitdefender Scan Engine
    -Use Avira Scan Engine
  • Patch Up
    -Microsoft Windows
    -Microsoft Office
    -Adobe Flash Player
    -Adobe AIR
    -Adobe Reader
    -Adobe Acrobat
    -Java Runtime Environment
  • Wifi Security Check
    -Password Strength
    -DNS security check
  • Clean Up
    -Junk Cleanup
    -Plug-in Cleanup
  • Speed Up
    -Startup Items
    -Scheduled Tasks
    -Application Services
    -System Services
    -Network Performance Optimization

License: trial
OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP
Size: 1,28 MB

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