360 Internet Security 4.9

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360 Internet Security 2013 is a free security suite that protects various aspects of your PC. It has been developed by Qihoo. 360 Internet Security 2013 is based on four pillars: a powerful scanning engine, real-time threat protection, a URL filter to block potentially malicious sites while browsing and a privacy protector which alerts you when programs, applications or websites may be trying to access your personal data.

It has a well designed and organized interface that’s easy to navigate. The interface is designed into several different functions accessible down the left-hand side including General, Update, Engines, Scan and Antivirus. There’s also a useful Do Not Disturb feature if you don’t want to be constantly updated with notifications and warnings from 360 Internet Security 2013. 360 Internet Security 2013 is also very lightweight compared to some security suites – it’s very responsive and easy to change settings without lagging on requiring admin passwords. However, as with many security suites, it can be very slow at performing manual scans although the real-time protection doesn’t appear to slow down your PC too much.

The main issue with Security 2013 however is that its dubious how effective it really is. It’s always hard to gauge with security suites exactly how much protection they are providing without extensive use. In the case of 360 Internet Security 2013, it claims to be certified by various online security agencies such as ICSA, Chockmark and AVTest.

In the latest version, created on January 22, 2014, anti-phising for IE x64 and IE11 and a new theme were added.

License: free
Language: English
Size: 30 MB
OS: Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

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Download 360 Internet Security 4.9 (external link)

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